Date posted: 7/30/17
Location: Arizona


Aloha, with her Prozac prescription and at her advanced age, has been adopted by her foster mom and parrot, who now asks, "Aloha, do you wanna go out?" and also replies, "Arf! Arf!" At nearly 13, she is comfortable, and we felt good about letting her live out the remainder of her life without another move.  Congratulations to Aloha and parrot and mom!

Well, well, well… Look who has waddled back into the FBRN ʻohana! After two years in an adoptive home, 12-year-old Aloha has fallen victim to divorce.

Like many mature ladies, Aloha has firm opinions, an admirable reserve of spunk, and modest but fairly strict requirements. First of all, there must be at least one antler available at all times for precisely 3.5 seconds of chewing. All other toys are useless and unnecessary. Secondly, people must be willing to play bitey face whenever her paw is in the air. Don't make her tell you twice. Thirdly, she will let you know when she requires a trip to the powder room. Failure to comply after the third bark will result in her popping a squat, all the while maintaining eye contact to let the errant humans know that they brought this on themselves. Fourthly (and this should go without saying) all meals must be served on time, please and thank you. Any delays will result in vociferous complaints directed at the wait staff. Fifthly, other dogs must not not acknowledge her presence. In return, she will completely ignore theirs. Lastly, accommodations must be made for frequent extended naps. If you are very, very good, you may admire her delightful cheek poof while she catches up on her beauty sleep.

While she certainly does not lack in the personality department, Aloha's fur is like straw, her skin is dry, and she needs a senior check-up with the vet. Hopefully, it is as simple as needing some lotions, potions and high quality food to regain her former luster. Unfortunately, Aloha's coin purse was completely empty when she came to us. Could you spare a little change to help her get back on her feet? She sure would appreciate it. Mahalo!


I had a rather optionated lady for 13 years so I hope this helps her skin issues in a some way. Michael Madio

Abegale Gibb

Hello, Aloha! Here's hoping you find permanent happiness soon! -Bay & Doris Daylily

A special thanks to Bryce's amazing foster mom, we wanted to send some love to darling Aloha too. Natalie George