Date posted: 4/15/17
Location: PA

Do you believe in love at first sight? If you answered no to that question, eight-month-old Allonsy (all-on-zee) might just change your mind. This cutie patootie is a heartbreaker and sure to cause quite a commotion. Allonsy ("allons-y" means "let's go!")was surrendered when his family realized they were at their wits' end trying to figure out what was going on with the little guy’s health. We’ve already figured out a few solutions and have him well on his way to finding his perfect forever home.

In a nutshell, Alloy has difficulty eating his food without throwing it right back up. While in foster care, he has learned the art of eating while sitting up, which has greatly decreased the amount of throwing up and helped him gain some valuable nutrition. After his first meal stayed down, Allonsy ran in circles to show how much he appreciated a fully belly. He is so cute, he even runs into position now as soon as he sees his food being prepared. Everyone say “Ahhhhhh!”

This little guy is almost too good to be true now that his health issues are being worked on. He is a people and fellow dog lover, sleeps very well through the night and is accident free in the house! Did we mention adorable??

Allonsy is learning how to be a carefree puppy, and he's learning the ropes in his foster home. Given the extra care he will need for his health, Alloy needs a few pennies (er, dollar bills) to help get him on his way. Please consider clicking on the link to donate and don’t forget to send him some encouragement! No doubt, one look into his adorable eyes and he’ll have you under his spell. Thank you!



Teresa Caudle

Hope this helps get you on your way, Allonsy. Looking for you on the available page. The Joneses

Love, Elisa and Danny

Not much but hope this helps with this sweet boy for now. I'd love to foster him if he needs a foster mom. Either way hope this helps this beautiful boy. I am a FBRN volunteer. Let me know if I can do anything more. Heather Hepp

Amy Connell

Johnny Stevens

Cristina Rodriguez

Doreen Palmer

Erik Krikorian

Get well soon Allonsy. Noelle Likovic

Shivani Sahi

He's so adorable and I'm a big Dr Who fan. Cyrus Solhkhah

Sires Sires

-Darth Vader the Frenchie

Julie Wright

Garrett Higashi

Fr: Tinkerbell, Lilo and Max Balzano

Allonsy is still tugging at my heart strings. Hope the little fella is doing okay.. Cyrus Solhkhah