Frenchie Outpost

The Frenchie Outpost Private Adoption has been added as a service to the French Bulldog breeder community for the posting of retired dogs and for handicapped dogs seeking homes, and as a service to other rescue organizations seeking to place French Bulldogs in their custody.

FBRN is NOT a party to these adoptions. FBRN disclaims any responsibility for these dogs, and we urge that both parties to any adoption exercise caution and good sense!

FBRN requires that all French Bulldogs placed through the Frenchie Outpost be current on their vaccinations and be neutered or spayed PRIOR to placement. The cost of adopting a French Bulldog through the Frenchie Outpost should not exceed the cost of the spay/neuter and/or a reasonable adoption fee. Where permitted, shipping is the responsibility of the adopter. Any reported violations of this policy will result in the immediate removal of the listing in violation.

All listings are at the discretion of FBRN, and may be removed at any time without notice.

Breeders, if you place a French Bulldog through the Frenchie Outpost, we request a donation of at least $100.00 to FBRN, so that we can continue to provide this service. Thank you!

If you are interested in placing a French Bulldog through the Frenchie Outpost please contact us.