Available Dogs

Click on the photo for more info on each Available Dog. All dogs are spayed or neutered. Read each bio very carefully, as not every rescue frenchie is suited for every home. If you feel that a certain frenchie is a good match for you and your lifestyle, then apply for them through our ONLINE APPLICATION, by clicking on the "APPLY FOR ME" link on their page. Our adoption fees offset only a portion of the veterinary expenses for the dogs in FBRN. As these costs rise we have had to increase the adoption fees as one measure to try to keep up with expenses. Our Available Dogs page is updated weekly, so check back often!

Once we receive 20 applications for a Frenchie, we stop collecting applications for that dog, so if you see a great fit for your family in the week's "Sneak Peek" list, please watch for the next weekly update for her available picture so you don't miss out!  As you can imagine, we get 20 applications for healthy young dogs quite quickly.

Please note: a $10 Non-Refundable Application Fee is required. Your application will not be processed without the fee. This fee helps to offset a small portion of our rescue’s expenses.

If you experience any problems completing the application or you do not receive an auto confirmation for your application, please contact FBRN at
Thank you.

Remember, we adopt to applicants in the US and Canada, so if a dog is at a distance from you, don't be afraid to apply; many adopters have made road trips and even flown to fetch the Frenchie of their dreams.

Special note for update the week of April 21-27.  Channing Tatum has received a great deal of early interest, ranging from offers to increase his adoption fee to the absurdly tempting.  We won't accept early applications.  We won't accept monetary bribes or email blandishments of any kind.  He will be available for at least 24 hours once he has been made available (and we don't know when that will be, only that it will be between Wednesday and Sunday--whenever our webmaster's life with a toddler allows!)  Check in at least once a day if you are interested, and be sure to refresh your screen when you check in. 
Thank you very much for your interest in Channing Tatum; we will play fair with all applicants who get their applications in during the 24 hour minimum that he'll be available (and we feel sure it will be both a minimum and a maximum, judging by the early interest--usually we wait until a dog has garnered 20 apps before putting up a pending banner and closing applications for that dog, but 24 hours is the minimum time period).  Thanks again for your interest, and best of luck to all applicants.


We're NOT available yet but we will be soon! 

In the meantime, check out our foster page to see if we might be a good match!


Albin in MI



Channing Tatum in NY


Boston in MI



Nemo in WI



Bunykins in KS


Mr. Piggs