Location:*Southeastern NY State
Age:*10 months
Sex:* Neutered male
Weight:* 28 pounds
Kids:* Yes, 10+ and dog savvy
Fenced Yard: Required
Adoption Fee:*$700
“This little potato is a treat!...He was much loved by his surrendering owners, and we have tried to make sure he still feels that he is safe and loved. He is a sweet boy and my goal is to find him a forever home with a sibling with whom he can bond and grow old. He is such a great pup!”

Langston is an active puppy and potty training is a work in progress.

Langston has no known health issues. 

Holy simoleons. Brace yourselves, people. Langston has landed on the available page! This black-masked fawn heartbreaker was a well-loved pup living in the big city, but came to FBRN when his owners realized that he is at least 127% puppy…approximately 100% more puppy than could reasonably fit in a one-bedroom apartment. They turned to FBRN in the hopes that we can find him a home where his energy and puppy spirit can truly come out and he can grow and mature into a fine canine citizen, and we aim to help this young guy do just that.
You know how there are those French Bulldogs who snooze the day away, moving from sunbeam to sunbeam, content to snore at their people’s feet? The ones who spend so long in a single spot on the couch that they are at risk of being draped with an antimacassar and considered part of the armrest? <sigh> We love those little biscuits. However, if you love them too, we respectfully suggest you move right along in your search for the perfect canine speed bump. Langston is NOT that guy! 

As noted above, this boy is all puppy, with the puppy energy and shenanigans that come with the title. Now that he has access to a back yard, he is taking full advantage of it. He loves to run around, chase his favorite red ball, and playplayplay with his foster siblings. This boy gets along great with other dogs. He currently lives with two other dogs about his size, a male and a female, and Langston plays very well with both. We would like to find a home for him with a resident dog around his age, size and energy level so Langston will have a positive outlet for all of his pent-up puppy steam. (And boy, is there a lot of steam.) 

When Langston finally does tire himself out and slow down (and we are assured that, yes, this does occasionally happen) he loves to snuggle with his humans and take a nap. Could he be more dreamy? Doubtful.

He seems to love kids as well, and after initial excitement and jumping, will settle down and behave himself. We feel a home with dog-savvy kids 10 or older would be great for Langston. While he saw and subsequently ignored a cat at the vet’s office, he hasn’t been tested with cats, so we have to say no to homes with feline occupants.

Langston was trained to use pee pads in his former home and has only started learning house manners since coming to FBRN. Foster mom says he has made great strides and is beginning to learn the ropes of taking care of his dog business outside, but house training is still definitely a work in progress. His adoptive home should be aware of this and committed to continuing the consistent positive training he has been receiving. Langston is a pretty smart little guy and catches on quickly, so we expect that his progress will continue with training.

Because of Langston’s age and energy level, we are looking for a home where he will have plenty of room to stretch out and a secure, fenced yard in which to play. His age and potty training status also makes it imperative that he not be left alone for long hours. At the risk of repeating ourselves, this boy is still very much a puppy and needs frequent interaction with his humans, continued training on house manners and general manners as well, and the opportunity to expend his energy in a positive and non-destructive way. A work-at-home human would be ideal, although foster mom thinks that with his smarts and willingness to follow his leader, he could also become quite a fantastic office dog one day.

We would love to find a Frenchie-savvy home for this little nugget, as his age-plus-energy-plus-smarts means he will require an owner who is wise to the tricks that a young French Bulldog such as this one has up his sleeve. Mr. Langston received a thorough once-over from FBRN’s vet and has no known health issues at this time. However, foster mom said he does tend to overexert himself, so an owner familiar with short-nosed dogs and able to spot signs of overheating would be ideal.

Langston’s foster mom has fallen for this boy. She knows it will be hard to send him off to his new home but knows the perfect place for this boy is out there. Here’s what she said about him: “This little potato is a treat!...He was much loved by his surrendering owners, and we have tried to make sure he still feels that he is safe and loved. He is a sweet boy and my goal is to find him a forever home with a sibling with whom he can bond and grow old. He is such a great pup!”

So what about it? Are you up to the challenge? Could you be the family for Langston who can take this bouncy puppy and usher him into a well-behaved adulthood and beyond? Puppies certainly aren’t for everyone, even gorgeous delicious medium-toast-colored Frenchie puppies with soulful eyes like Langston. But if you think you can offer the perfect home for this little man, click on the link above and apply. If you are chosen, be prepared to venture to southeastern NY to pick him up, and plot a course for a road trip home. Langston is already a 28-pound little spud and foster mom expects him to mature into an even larger lovely, leggy potato. Put simply, this boy is too big to fly but foster mom said he loooooooves car trips, so Dog will be your copilot!

FBRN dogs are in foster care in people's private homes. For the foster families' safety, we do not disclose specific locations, and we don't set up meet and greets prior to applications. For detailed information about the dogs in our care, please read the extensive bios on each dog.
FBRN does not ship dogs as cargo, so adopters are expected to pick up their dogs from their foster family.








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